DPP170 series Blister Packing Machine


The Alu-Pvc/Alu-Alu blister packing machine of DPPS170A takes full use of compound forming Pvc-Alu(Alu-Alu) foil as packing material to punch beautiful blisters through special punching module. After feeding, detecting, sealing, batch number printing, slitting and punching, the product made by the machine presents a fine appearance and reliable condition.


★  The machine adopts module design. Each station can work individually.

★  It is easy for module changing and maintenance.

★  PLC controlling system enables the machine’s operation become easy and stable.

★  Complete set of detecting system guarantees the medicine’s quality.

★  The machine meets GMP standards.


   .Main Technical Parameter

(1). PackingRange: coated-tablets, capsules, suppositories, ect.

(2). Capacity:

Alu-Pvc:max 60 cut/min ;Alu-Alu:max 40 cut/min.

(3).Max Forming Depth:11mm(can deepen to 18mm according to the customers' requirements)for ALU-PVC,10mm for ALU-ALU.

(4). Max Blister Plate Size (L×W): 154×106mm

(5). Power: 380V, 3-phase, 50Hz(can be changed according to the customer’s requirements)

(6). Power Consumption: 4kw

(7). Packing Material: a. PVC/ALU b. Aluminum foil

(8). Weight: 1500kg

(9). Dimension (L×W×H): 2900mm×980mm×1450mm